The first Swanny ever. Made in 1999.

The first Swannys Necklace was sold in June of 2008, even though the original Swanny was made nearly 10 years prior by its founder, Peter Swanson. It was after a high school hockey game, Peter was trying to figure out how he could use his old skate laces instead of throwing them away and that was when the first Swanny was made.

What was once a word-of-mouth business has quickly expanded into a fast-paced and ever-growing company that provides custom products for consumers and sporting goods stores across the country and Canada. Most customers still favor the products with hockey lace, but products featuring other laces are sold as well.

Swannys provides items to athletes in all sports, including hockey, lacrosse, football and baseball, as well as all the non-athletes who simply enjoy the Swannys style. In addition to still creating the necklace that started it all, Swannys makes a variety of custom items, including bracelets, lanyards and key chains.

Swannys also gives back to its community through various silent auctions and local youth hockey programs. We donate to our local hockey association every year and we welcome any opportunity to get involved in the community.

Swannys founder, Peter Swanson, laying the foundation for Swannys in this picture taken in 2008.

We will always continue to offer the best quality products at reasonable prices as we strive for customer satisfaction. Like our customers, we understand the meaning behind hard work and dedication and we are excited to provide you with our products that showcase just that.

We are proud of the company we’ve built with dedicated employees since 2008. Swannys appreciates your business and we look forward to continually providing you with quality products.